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The Plush Toys

All of our plush toys are made of premium materials. You won't find any play-land quality plush like that in other places. 

Our Story

Selling Joy - Meet Vava

Vava is more than just claw machines; we're in the business of selling joy. Elevating this arcade classic, we provide the industry-leading quality plush toys. Every machine is calibrated for rewarding gameplay. With more and more of new locations and landing machines in select Co-Op businesses, we focus on both quantity and unmatched quality.

Our mission is straightforward: to spread Vava's unparalleled, joy-filled claw machine experience across Canada.

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Press Review and Testimonials
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Contact Me

Contact Us

We offer packages for space rental for parties, corporate events and galleries. We also have machine rental service. Please email us for inquiries

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